Tree Removal

Safe Commercial and Residential Tree Removal in 
St. Charles and Surrounding Counties

The next time you need safe, professional tree removal, call the experts at Liscombe Tree Service. Not only are we insured and licensed, but we have the experience needed to take trees down safely. It doesn't matter how large a tree is, there are ways to bring it down without causing damage to property or vehicles.  Don't try to take a tree down on your own, causing damage to yourself or property. Give us a call and let us do it for you. We'll even give you a completely free estimate prior to doing any work. Call us today at 314-650-9055.


Liscombe Tree Service can come out to your property and evaluate any trees that you may be concerned about. We know how to check for disease and danger, and we'll be happy to give you our recommendations. If you have trees that should be taken down, we will quote you a price. If you have trees that might pose a danger down the line, we can talk to you about ways to address the problem, from pruning to just keeping an eye on things.

Tree removal

If a determination is made that a tree needs to come down, Liscombe Tree Service can do that work for you safely. There are many considerations when it comes to removing a tree, including branch removal, hauling and overall safety concerns. We have experience and are able to get in and out quickly and with a minimum of disruption to your household. Why take a risk on damaging your home when we can do the work for you without any issues? Call us today for help.

Other services

Besides tree removal, Liscombe Tree Service is able to provide trimming and pruning services, as well as stump grinding and removal. We are a comprehensive tree care company with modern equipment and knowledgeable workers. We are also able to address emergency situations, such as tree damage due to storms or lightning strikes. 
Please call today for your free estimate, or to speak to a staff member.
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